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All three men growl with pleasure as Johnny Rapid from lies on his back and carries on sucking on their cocks and they face fuck him, thrusting their hips backwards and forwards. Gus wants to be fucked so he gets on his hands and knees. Roman stands in front of him on the bed still getting his cock sucked, whilst Paul goes behind him and sinks his throbbing cock deep into Gus’s tight, hairy asshole where he fucks him hard and fast doggy style.
Paul decides he wants a bit of Rapid’s hot hole after all and gets Gus to lie on his back. The room fills up with the sound of animal lust as Paul fucks him in the missionary position, whilst Paul bends over Rapid’s hairy body and sucks his cock at the same time as Gus sucks on his.
With his legs still spread, and in the air, Roman Todd and Paul Cannon jerk on their cocks until they cum over Gus Turner’s ravished body, just before he cums all over his own hairy chest
The boys realize their holiday won’t be so bad after all.
johnny rapid
This hardcore movie is a first for all three men with
Roman Todd is six foot one inch with blonde hair, blue eyes and a smooth chest. He is a top with a seven inch cut cock and weighs 190 pounds.
Paul Cannon is a lean versatile top with a seven inch cut dick. He is five foot ten with brown hair and brown eyes. He is five foot ten inches and weighs 160 pounds.
Johnny Rapid has a cheeky grin and cheeky blue eyes. He is a good looking versatile bottom with brown hair and a seven inch cut cock. He is five foot seven inches and weighs 165 pounds. He has a fluffy beard and has a furry chest and body.

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