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22 April, 2015 (12:19) | Gay Porn, Gay Pornstars, Tom Faulk | By: admin

When three hot, sweaty and butch ice hockey players get together after a game and star talking about how they are going to let off steam, you know they are all wound up and horny. Then, when they start stripping off ready for a shower, you can see they are horny. And then, when two of the hunks start watching the third strip off to his jock and bend over to pack his gear, well, the conversation has got to turn to sex hasn’t it?

Here we’ve got Team USA (part 2), one of the great jock scenes from Drill My Hole and his one teams up uncut top Travis James, six foot stud Jake Wilder and popular jock-guy Tom Faulk. The guys don’t hang around in this scene and it doesn’t take long before the action starts. If you’ve ever had team, jock or sport-gear fantasies then this three-way is going do it for you. The guys strip down but keep their gear on for a lot of the time giving us tight butts in jock straps, hockey shirts and leggings and all the sports-gear fantasy we like to see. But the scene is also about the hardcore action between three strapping guys.
tom faulk
Jake plays the part of the object of team desire in this scene, being the first to start sucking cock. He gives both Tom Faulk at and Travis’ cocks a great work out and both smooth, muscled guys sport impressive hardons. The oral session runs on for a decent while as we get in close, check out all three guys’ bodies and docks, before the anal action starts about half way through. Jake is still the bottom boy in this scene as he first gets his ass screwed by Travis, while Travis is also busy sucking on Tom’s cock. Tom then gets his turn on that hard jock as while Travis gets his cock serviced by Jake’s mouth. The anal action continues with Jake really hard all the time but somehow resting the urge to play with his cock.

Things build to a heady climax on the bed as the gay men work out their pent up energy and frustrations on Jake’s ass and mouth. The guys get really close and hot, sweaty and intimate together as they start to cum, and when they do it’s Jake who gets wet with three loads of man jizz splattering his smooth muscles and mixing with his sweat. It’s a great team three-way and only one in this stunning on-going series from Drill My Hole. click here to check out more gay pornstar videos

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