42 scenes for the best adult paysite

10 October, 2014 (21:09) | Phenix Saint | By: admin

Phenix Saint is not an exclusive model for Men but he has now made 42 scenes for them. He is 5.11, with deep brown eyes and black hair. In his latest scene from Drill My Hole, he is paired up with a newcomer to the show. One of the really nice things about this is that new models are constantly being introduced into the show and really do freshen things up a little bit. This has a nice contrast when mixed with ‘old timers’ who have clocked up more than a century of appearances for the company such as Phenix. It gets the audience to be used to such people and build up a rapport with them as well as letting the models have some sort of fan base.
The newbie in Interrogation Training is Joey Moriarty whose name is rather sexy. He is over six foot tall with nice dark hair and a lengthy, uncut cock with a nice smooth chest and wide shoulders. He is at mercy of his instructor and today we have them doing sexual techniques, such as being tied to a chair.

This is a nice military fetish scene with the new boy answering questions as he is told as Phenix gives him some ‘corporal’ punishment. However, if the cadet is not gay, how has he become so turned on? With Joey being taped to the chair, Phenix has to undress him as best he can, only to discover that being tied up is something of a turn on for young Joey who has got quite stiff. His cock is erect and ready to go. Things move along a stage as Joey is forced to suck the captain’s cock and get quite hot under the collar as he does. The military fantasy is maintained even when Joey starts to feel the heat of his captain’s mouth around his stiff cock, which really turns things up a gear.

Phenix wants to move things along a gear and does so by getting Joey and himself naked and screwing him against the wall. This really turns things up a notch and both guys scream with pleasure as the inevitable climax comes. The new guy really gets broken in hard during these scenes and there is a good ten minutes of hardcore anal. The military aspect is kept up so things really do have a nice edge to them.

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